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Gay and Lesbian Sierrans of the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area Gay & Lesbian Sierrans is an outings and conservation club for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people, and our friends.

We are an official activities section of the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. Founded in 1986, the Bay Chapter GLS was the Sierra Club's first gay and lesbian activities section. We're still one of the largest of a growing number of GLS chapters around the country.

Throughout the year, we sponsor a variety of activities which offer something for almost everyone who enjoys the outdoors. GLS outings run the gamut from easy urban strolls to vigorous peak hikes; relaxed car camping to demanding wilderness backpacks and naturalist-led walks; to hands-on restoration and trail maintenance projects. Everyone is welcome on our outings, whether or not they have joined GLS.

GLS News, Fall 2014

New Membership Software and Website Hosting

By now you should have received notice of our new membership system and how you may update your membership data, if necessary, or renew if you are expired. 

When we made the move of the membership to the integrated, online membership system, we also moved the website hosting to this new company.  It was part of the package, and really helps with further integration.  As the days go by you'll see our new events posted on the website with immediate integration to your member record, etc. 

In the meantime, here are some notes about the new site's navigation, which is a little different than the old site.  First of all, when you see a little dot on one of the navigation tabs, it means there are sub-tabs, or additional pages for you to see.  You can click on the tab to get to the first page, then you'll see the additional tabs at the top of the first page.  Or, you can hover over the tabs with dots and then click a sub-tab to go directly to that page.  The important message here is that you need to click the main tab to go to the main page.  This is particularly important if you want to see current hike/event information in the calendar format that you're used to.  Just click on the Calendar tab to go there.  Additionally, we'll be able to add our camping trips, etc., to the Events sub-tab as we go forward.

We hope you like it!

Still Looking for Volunteers!

Goals we’ve prioritized to work on this year include expanding our Outings Program to include more training, socializing, and recognition for our leaders. We also want to develop non-outings leadership within the Club. Healthy organizations continue to engage new people and ideas, and it’s too easy to get busy and not encourage and support new leaders. We have a number of committee vacancies now and welcome your participation. If you have an interest in Bylaws, Outings, Membership, Social Media, or Conservation, the Club could use your energy and enthusiasm. Our third goal for the year is to increase the diversity within GLS, in terms of gender identify, age, and ethnic background. We’re preparing a survey to gain clarity about our membership needs and ideas, but please share your ideas and vision with us in person or by email or telephone.

Thanks for your support and feedback. See you on the trails soon!

The 2014 Governing Committee

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